By Adopting a Child

HORD is currently operating in the district of Kampala more especially in Kawempe Division and wish to extend to the Amolatar District in Northern Uganda where most of its activities shall take place. HORD Kampala currently cares for 15 orphans while a small operation in Amolotar is already caring for 5 children as well as many vulnerable children in both areas. Approximately 3 children are adopted every year, majority moving to North America to join a new family.

HORD also has a number of registered total orphans and abandoned children, within the communities of Kawempe and Amolatar. Our registry currently has 12 children, ages 3 to 7 eligible for adoption. HORD is working with a number of agencies particularly in the USA, to ensure success and proper processing of adoption of our children over to adoptive parents. For more information, please drop us a line via the contact us page contacts.